Our corporate mission is going forward for limited Metal and aquatic products.
We have the things made of widely infiltrated base metal, for example, which is used for daily necessities and cars, even heavy infrastructure facilities.
These are produced by two ways; smelting of ore or refining of various metal scrap, and then provided to the society.
Our company plays a role of recycling metal scrap through borderless processing and providing several steel and nonferrous metal scraps.
Regarding aquatic products we eat on kitchen table, there are some factors that marine products are imported and exported.
Our company assumes the role though trading with other countries.
We have "responsibility" refers to fill the gap between demand and supply mainly in Japan by means of offering the products in adequate quantity, good quality, ideal price.
Finally, we respect our directly stakeholder like shareholder, employees, business partner. Also, we are considering all concerned like the people who uses the products made of metal or have aquatic products.

About us

Regarding metal scrap and fishery business, our company has many business partners both within and outside. Making business innovation constantly, we create and build up business scheme.

Corporate mission

「Create future environment with people」

To respect stakeholders around us leads to solve resource and environmental problem, supply and demand problem.

Company Profile

headquarter location
1-6-1 Tenant2, Higashiminato , Kokura North District, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, 803-0802
093-582-8070 093-582-8071
Kudamatsu yard location
Kudamatsu pier 2, Shuetakeshimonishiichioki, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 744-0022
0833-44-4339 0833-44-4339
Chief Executive OfficerLIU CUNFA
Capital10 million yen
Establishment DayJune/26/2006
Employees10 people
Business Domainmetal and non-ferrous metal scrap business / fisheries business
LicenseQuality Management System Certificate of Approval Certification number:QM291906051
GACC Certification number:A392080117
Antiquary permit:902051010006



Kudamatsu Yard